Traditional Law firms no longer meet the requirements of the ever-changing business environment. Septer delivers cost effective, technologically innovative and fast legal services.
Our on-going service that monitors the legal health of an organisation ensures that our clients deal with challenges ahead of time. The right expertise at the right time - always.

Security by default

With legal and technology expertise, we will safeguard your company´s legal framework on an on-going basis

Unique Proprietary Systems

Enables fast and effective cooperation with our jurists

Protecting and creating value

Always one step ahead – we provide a balanced use of resources and timesaving processes

Harald Martinsen

LLB LLM & Partner

Harald is a systematic and thorough jurist, experienced in finding solutions where the regulatory terrain is changing. He is specialised in financial, data protection, and corporate law, and understands the client´s business processes to deliver tailored advice.

He has 10 years of experience with training, consulting, and compliance, and sets value creation for clients as priority. In his spare time, Harald likes to tackle his PhD in securities law.

Harald holds a Master's Degree in International Banking and Finance law from the University of Leeds, as well as International Law LLB from Kingston University, London.


Shadab Khan

LLM & Partner

Shadab is motivated, innovative, and passionate about adding value through targeted and concrete advice.

She has over 10 years of experience in legal, business development, and consulting, and has specialised in data protection law and GDPR as well as contract law.

Shadab has a Master of Law Degree from the University of Leeds, as well as an honours bachelor degree in criminology and global studies from the University of Ottawa, Canada.